Taking Stock

First of all, let me wish you all a happy new year and declare that  victory songs will be heard and sung in your households all year round. My hand has been itching to write for a while now but I haven’t been
able to either gather my thoughts or compose myself well enough, I have editted over and over trying to capture all my thoughts and  experiences.
Just like the title says, I am taking stock of the year 2010 and ensuring that this new year will be very remarkable. Year 2010 for me was….phew! especially the last six months of the year even up until
the last day in the year. There’s always something to thank God for anyway, believe me I am sooo grateful for every single thing I went through. Sometimes, we don’t have to suffer some things if we can learn,unlearn and re-learn especially from other people’s experience.

This post will point  out a few of my experiences and I sinerely hope that  you’ll pick up something no matter how little,some of the reasons why mistakes repeats itself across generations is because we don’t heed instructions. I may be a little here and there but just stay with me.

Academics and after school
Studying Matls. Sci & Engr. in obafemi awolowo uni for was full of alot of activities, especially when i got my grip and found myself and decided that I would make sure that I leave campus without any  regrets.In my mind I graduated the day I wrote my final exams but by the standards of the uni. i had not fulfilled all my requirements and I had to spend another semester doing a special elective(anyone who went to ife will undersatnd what this is), alot of people gave me different ideas of how to find my way around it, but i didnt have the liver or……there was so much that happened between feb and august, but I’ll rather leave the gist for anoda day. lesson learnt is to do the right things at the right time, be prompt, dont take anything for granted especially what your hands find to do at the time its in your hand and to y’all still in school, lecturers can be nasty, classess may not be appealing to you all d time, there maybe so many distractions  but please, have it at the back of your mind that you don’t wanna look back someday and be full of regrets.

Grief and loss
Losing material possessions can be restored right but the loss of life what can replace. The rate at which I lost Material possessions in the past three months is alarming, infact someone said I had to seek spiritual help….lol, but all that is lost is been restored(can somebody shout halleluyah)….you know sometimes, I’ll just wish that someone was fooling around….(like say na dream…lol, if you know what I mean), it got so bad that I wouldnt say it out sometimes, until my mouth will push to just tell somebody.I guess I’ll just remit  everything as bad debt just as banks will do abi???
Apart from loosing material possesions, I lost a sister and friend from another mother, some of my friends also lost their loved ones, the bad part is that all this grief was suffered all at the same time, it was too much to bear for everyone involved…I learnt a huge lesson from this experience and it change my perspective alot especially as a christian; There isn’t too much time to waste around, God is just, unquestionable and He is watching, If you loose something, you can replace it, but once your life is lost….my dear its the end oh.

Avenues to Wealth
Fomerly known as Holidays and Cash. It’s an opportunity that I came in contact with a little over a year ago, I  didnt put in so much because of school work and not enough enthusiasm, but I  have seen this  opportunity change lives, given people aho had no class international recognition,It’s a plan B system for some, another stream of income for another category of people and a tool for financial freedom for others. Even though I  haven’t carried this opportunity with so much enthusiasm, I have decided to be  a part of the story to be told about this opportunity in the nearest future.Its a system that has the ability to sustain itself in the midst of economic crunch or whatever they call it. If you are still waiting for what your nation will do for you, tired of being bossed around over a 30-day pay cheque or you want a plan B system.Just send me a mail: seun.adelana@gmail.com or visit http://www.avenuestowealth.com/maranatha12.

Boy-girl thing
I call him my hero and best, the day I met him he didnt catch my attention much, but after a while I was all over him as much as he was all over me…:-) We grew to love each other for a little over two years now and we had our high and low moments.We have gotten to points before where we had to  re-consider our decisions. The second part of the year was……(sealed), but I have only learnt that LOVE is a decision and LOVE is committment, you choose to love the one you choose to love because mehn….:-), anyways you will also need forgiveness as your companion because you will soooo step on each other’s toes. Some gist and lessons for another day.

Family and Friends
If there was anything that brought joy to me this year,gave me strenght, faith and the courage not to give up, apart from God; it was as a result of the people who fall into this category,I have the best family in the world and I couldn’t have asked for more, I have the most supportive and understanding siblings in the world, I can talk to them about almost anything. Apologies to all my very special friends but, I really have to mention names; SD is someone I could rely on, trust and be my best with, wale and tosin are just a bundle of special gifts from God, I cried when one of them had to go away for a while, it is beautiful and re-assuring when you have great friends around you especially ones who love and will not leave you the way you are until  you get better. Osa….:-) I met him two or three months to the end of the year and sincerely, I have no single regrets, I call him my special friend.One huge lesson I have learnt relating with this people is that the people around you are a pool of value and wealth. No matter how much we love each other in this world, only God can allow
for our wrongs sevnty times seven times….if you know what I mean.

Its funny sometimes how so much happens in our lives and telling it will summarise it in a few words…. In all of these things I have learnt that life will not give u all that you want on a platter of gold
except you reach out to take it, I have learnt courage, I  have learnt to be daring, I have to pay it forward, i have learnt to determine  choose and make happen what I want out of life. 2010, may not have been  fantastic for so many people, Life is in phases and seasons, but its another time to make things better and thats what time does for us when we are conscious of it, it gives us another shot to life. Personally,

2011 is going to be exciting for me, I started this yearwith excitement, I have written down my goals and I will achieve them. A few of them for accountability’s sake is to take advantage of some exciting opportunities, generate consistent stream of income, learn to swim and drive, personal and relational development, write at least two post monthly, take a professional exam………I said a few right :-).I picture December, 2011 and in my heart I am glad and fulfilled and my result is beyond my expectation.

Get to work and make the year count!


Guilt Trip!

I used to go on  vacation to an island  in which i discovered that a lot of people also visit  frequently, so I thought that I’ll share my experience and that of other people. Whether or not you travel a lot, you’ll find out that you have been on this trip before and you have visited, dined and wined with the high and mighty in this community.

I had really planned on taking a trip this time of  the year, and yet I found myself packing hurriedly. This trip was going to be unpleasant and i knew in advance that no real good would come out of it. I am talking about my annual “GUILT TRIP”.

I got tickets to fly there on WISH I HAD airlines. It was an extremely short flight. I got my baggage, which I could not check. I chose to carry myself all the way. It was weighted down with a thousand memories of what might have been. No one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the regret city International Airport. I say international because people from all over the world come to this same town.
As I checked into the last resort hotel, I noticed that they would be hosting the year’s most important event, the annual pity party. I wasn’t going to miss that great social occasion. many of the town’s leading citizen would be there.

  • First, there would be DONE F-FAMILY; Do you know, should have done, would have done and could have done. Then came the I had family. You probably know ole wish wish I had and his clan. Of course, the opportunities would be present, missed and lost.

  • The biggest family would be the YESTERDAYS. There are far too many of them to count, but each one would have a very sad story to share.
  • Then SHATTERED DREAMS would surely make an appearance and its their fault would regale us with stories (excuses) about how things have failed in his life. Each story would be loudly applauded by DON’T BLAME ME and I COULDN’T HELP IT.

Well, to make a long story short, I went to this depressing party knowing that there would be no real benefit in doing so . And, as usual, I became very depressed. But as I thought about all of the stories of failures brought back from the past, it occurred to me that the reminder of this trip and subsequent pity parties could be canceled by ME! I started to truly realize that I did not have to be there. I didn’t have to depressed. One thing kept going through my mind, I can’t change yesterday, but I do have the power to make today a wonderful day. I can be happy joyous, fulfilled, encouraged, as well as encouraging.

Knowing this, I left the CITY OF REGRET immediately and left no forwarding address. Am I sorry for mistakes I’ve made in the past? Yes! But there is no physical way to undo them. So if you’re planning a trip back to city of regret, please cancel all your reservations now. Instead, take a trip to starting again. I liked it so much that  I have now taken up permanent residence there. My neighbors, the I FORGIVE MYSELFS and the NEW STARTS are very helpful. By the way, you don’t have to carry around heavy baggage because the load is lifted from your shoulders upon arrival. God bless you in finding it-its in your own heart-please look me up. I live on I CAN DO IT street.

-culled from “I DARE YOU” by Joyce Meyer

I have learnt and still learning not to make excuses for my inadequacies, I’ll rather make a decision to do or not to do whatever i get involved. if you make out an excuse for something there will be a lot of people to counter your excuse and say to you to you that “we were in the same position as you are today”. dont give an excuse to do drugs,indulge in pre-marital sex, remain in poverty, taking the challenge of an opportunity that could change your life, laziness, dragging your integrity in the mud, being the bottom of your class, ensure that you live without regrets, ensure that you owe no man nothing except love, ensure that you are optimistic and you conceive and work diligently towards your dreams, ensure that worry does not replace your faith.LEAVE THE THINGS YOU CAN’T CHANGE and ensure the same mistake does not repeat itself for example you cant change whatever happened in your past good or bad. live a happy life, one free of worry, regrets, anger and unrighteousness.


Unusual Thoughts for the New year.

Sometime ago, I saw a journal that belongs to a friend, she called it her gratitude journal, I didn’t want to open it because I believe it’s good to keep people’s private, private especially stuffs like journals. After thinking for a few seconds about what a gratitude journal may contain, I opened it and found out that it contained very detailed, little and big things that she was grateful for.

It’s a great place to start the New Year for me; it’s a good thing as well to be thankful. A lot of people are re-strategising, planning, laying-off or just faffing around, you probably expected to read here on how to go about making the best of this year (one should keep that in mind) that is if you don’t have your new year resolutions written down from cover to cover on a ‘60 leaves notebook’ or to read about something really unusual just like the title says; Let me just take your mind off that for a few seconds.

Sometimes I think to myself that apart from all the emotions attached to the festivity, there really is no difference from crossing over from maybe September 25th to 26th (oh! I’ll be a year older) and crossing over from Dec 31st- to Jan1st (hmm….! a new month). The truth is that Life still goes on! That particular date or year probably just ticked one second, minute or hour in God’s timing. I am glad that its new year and I really am grateful for it, but maybe God was just strategic when he was creating man, d nature of man to be ruthless without something to keep us in check (the law of God or man for example), foolish, unconscious of time and ourselves, wicked, selfish, unaccountable …etc (i.e. the Adamic nature of man and for those of you who believe man existed through Apes…well…). He needed something to keep us in check, to count the cost, to measure where we are, where we have been and how far we are from where we are going, to be accountable, to be wise, to keep record of our lives and every action, to know that there is an eternal consequence for everything we do….. He gave us TIME; he didn’t just give us time, he broke it down into seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and millenniums……Wherever there is no law, there won’t be any form of unrighteousness, when the law comes, man becomes aware of himself and man will have to pay for his actions (good or bad). There is Time to keep us in check and measure our life, so it’s alright to plan for the New Year or make resolutions.

It is wisdom to take stock of every second given to us, leave behind the things we can’t change and lay hold on the treasure ahead. It’s a new year, it’s time to break up fallow grounds, and it’s another opportunity for us all to achieve greater heights. With a lot of revelations and prophecies here and there for this next phase, I strongly recommend that you just lay hold on God, trust with your whole heart and he’ll direct your path.

I am grateful to God that it’s a new year, but I am more grateful to him that he had an end in mind and that he was strategic in creation. The year 2010, is waiting for you to manifest.



For some of us that attended a “buttered school”, this looks really familiar right. In arithmetics they say 1+1=2, well in the real world or in various applications that can mean a lot of things to different people, by the time I am through with this post I am sure a whole lot of you will have an idea of what the answer is.

Sometime ago, I saw an heavy object which was about to fall off from where it was placed and I had to call the attention of a friend to it. He asked why I wasn’t doing anything about it instead of calling him, before I could reply that the object was too heavy for me to carry he said: ‘don’t you know that there is a point system for everything?’Those words sunk deep down and the thought came to me that really, this present world and the future require that you store up your points for future purposes if not now.

Recently, I also heard a man of God say that if you are about to walk out of a room and see someone’s child about to fall into a ditch, preventing that child from falling would have deposited a seed sown somewhere in your life that you may probably reap as wanting to make a decision that will lead you to ruin and someone from somewhere will voluntarily and unintentionally provide solutions to your problem.

Life has a way of adding up all our points as we live and how well we do that. If you have ever been confused about purpose or what to do with your life at a particular point in your life  If you have heard sermons or speeches about purpose, mission, vision with all the ryhmes (I have left some seminars and churches more confused than I entered), If you have ever wondered where your strenght or passion lies or you have thought that If you ever had the opportunity to go back to school again, you will not study the same course you studied instead you’ll be doing what you love doing. I am glad to announce to you that there’s a point system that adds up on your behalf. There’s a meeting point where all the dots join.Some peole gather their points early in life, some people just let things go slow and steady, some other people don’t really care how the points add up. By the time you look back in you life, you’ll see how the points add up.

The relationships we build today or rather the investments we make in people, the friends we lose, the places we go and how we live those places; they are all points adding up together as a point system on our behalf, that’s why I believe that our understanding is in parts, we receive instructions or we are directed on how to join the next dot or add another point to the arithmetic, so we can take the next step, you may not know what tomorrow hold but today can determine so much.

The opportunities that come our way, the successes we make and the bend called failure, the money we lose or the ones we almost lost, the incompetence we display and the competence we parade ourselves with, the misunderstanding we have with people and the peace we just allow to reign, the heartbreak or the royalty treatment we get from loved ones, the lack of warmth and love from a father or mother, it’s all a point system, whatever we do with it now, determines how much we will get back. Be careful what points you add to your point system, some point system read positive while some read negative, some points multiply while some divide, and some points get squared as well.

1+1 may be equal to sowing and reaping, it may be equal to divine coincidence, it may be equal to purpose, it may be equal to 1 (concept of marriage for majority) it may even be equal to 2 but I’ll rather say that 1+1 is equal to a POINT SYSTEM.

TV. and Radio Permit

I never thought that I would write anything about Nigeria this soon and her corrupt system…..I really didn’t think that this will come this early, I just wanted to do my part in ensuring that Nigeria becomes better, but with the Nigerian police system crumbling (yea, u know about that already….but  just stay with me) and corruption is eating up the buttocks of our leaders and jeopardizing the future of our nation, together with a president who is “really doing the best he can”…then I think someone or a group of people should be ready to lay down their lives (it’s a difficult task). I am not so much interested in politics, but if politics means a decision making system, then we all should be interested. (Don’t worry I am not thinking of vying for a post, so I am not campaigning).

I have seen and heard some things that I have almost been moved to tears (I just had to hold back myself)…… I understand it is my business if I want to cry or maybe you think I am emotional, but someday it will be your turn, maybe then you’ll be willing to see a change in this nation.

Just two weeks ago, where I work and while everyone was going about their business, we just suddenly saw a fat bear parading herself in black suits, sure you know the group of people she falls into  (I wasn’t brought up to be rude, but I hate to be cheated with a passion)…the next thing we heard was ‘you people should come out, so that I can lock up this place (without been served a notice)….she said that like twice when everyone came out and wanted to know what was happening…we were told that we were served a notice to pay for TV. and radio permit, which we never heard about before that day. After trying to resolve the whole issue, making a few phone calls to know what that meant, if we need to pay that after paying tax and all, after threatening to lock us up while still in the office, threatening to arrest us by the time they come back….we found out a lot of things, which was opposite of their actions and the ridiculous amount they were asking for. This is understandable because we know our rights and knowledgeable enough to know what to do, what if it was someone ignorant of his/her civil responsibilities….I felt that it will be a good idea to post some basic civil responsibilities that everyone should know, a lot of times we pay dearly for ignorance; yea, I know we are in Nigeria and there’s no respect for human rights, but if you ignore this, it will be your business someday, when you will have to pay dearly for the truth that could have set you free.

I will end this post with a story line in a popular soap opera called Edge of paradise, where a little boy was almost burnt to death with fire by some bullies (sons of the high and mighty in the society) in the science lab of a secondary school, the boy and his family experienced so much pain, after taking the issue to a disciplinary board, the bullies won because of their position in the society. That little boy could someday be you, your son or daughter, mother or father, neighbour or friend.

Righteousness exalts a nation, even if your voice won’t be heard, posterity will pay you for it, play your part to ensure that things get better, question situations, don’t be a spectator…..you would have sown a seed unknowingly. We are just this close, the time to act is NOW!

I have a dream…

I have been reading a book lately titled ‘Become a better you’ by Joel Osteen, lovely book you know. A whole lot of things have caught my attention in the book, the one that gets me thinking is the part of discovering ones destiny and the part where it says that God may put in ones heart a big dream that would take a line of generation for it to come to reality, looking through the bible and the history one will find examples of people God gave dreams, some were fulfilled during their time and others during the time of their sons…..Martin Luther King Jnr had a dream which transpired and manifested across series of generations. Some of our fathers have laboured and some have been complacent. Today, some of our fathers’ dreams are just waiting and hoping that someone in that line to generation will lay a demand on the labour of the fathers and reap of the seeds that have been sown.

it is important we make decisions that will not make our children look back and cause our lineage, that our children will not ask, father where were you when others were building, it is important that if our fathers have failed, we change the course of things, we can set a new standard that others will follow, we be the change and profess a dream and a vision that our sons will run with, we can smile in the days of wisdom, the days when our strength can no longer carry us and say that, we have fought and passed on the baton to the next generation to carry with ease. Every battle we win now is one burden short of the next generation to carry.

lets rise and start to build for wealth, fight for justice, mentor our young ones, raise the standard, reap from the fruits of our fathers and sow for generations to come……….lets follow and pursue our dreams it may be large enough for one to require help from the next person or large that it cuts across generations………I have a dream that one day righteousness will be exalted in this nation, wealth will flow like oil from the head Aaron, that corruption will be murdered, that our children will have a better life, that the kingdom of God will be established in the hearts of men and truth will reign, that our children will rise up and call us blessed. I have a dream………My best days are ahead,  where I am today is the least I will become, I will find my path and passion, I will walk in it and prosper, I will influence my world no matter how little. This day I speak for change and truth, I speak for justice, I speak for the child on the street that does not have the confidence to believe in the future……..I have a dream. It is no harm to dream, dare to dream, raise your voice and declare what you believe, don’t be shut up by your circumstance or situation, don’t be shut up by that voice that keeps ringing negativity in your heart, the louder you shout and declare, the more you overcome that thought and situation, success is registered in your sub-conscious is patterned after that direction. You create the world you want to see, with the words of your mouth.


Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog! Apart from the fact that I love to write, you know like ask me a simple question and if you want to get a sincere answer from me, tell me to pen it down, you’ll practically beg me to stop. I would love to use this blog as an avenue to share my thoughts on a lot of issues and impact as much people as I can. Here you will find a lot of wisdom to live and maximise your life to its fullest (there’s safety in the multitude of counsel), discussion boards on critical issues and relationships, a lot of humour and insight on your responsibilities as a citizen of this great nation, life experience, principles that work for me and several other people, general knowledge and information about a lot of opportunities for one to be socially and financially free.

I called this Blog process because Life is a process, from the day you and I were born up to whatever age we grow and whatever we become, life would present itself to us in small and large packages, also with a lot of twists and bends depending on how we see it (opportunity, challenge etc)  and the choices we make. Basically, whether the process is long or short, there’s always an end; don’t be too happy because the end of a process is the beginning of new one.

Whatever we pick up from the processes that we encounter becomes who or what we are made up of, it becomes our genetic makeup, it determines if we will conform to the light we see at the end of the tunnel. In our processes we encounter challenges, find ourselves making decisions (good or bad), seeking wisdom or counsel to be above the process, discovering who we really are, living out our passion, we encounter people……….the dots join, there’s a point system (I say this a lot this days)…..at the end of each process we look back and see if we become like what we saw (it depends on how sharpened our sight is). If we don’t become like what we intend or picture, we retreat and fire again.

You guys are in for so much and please…. always drop a comment.